Do you feel like the quicksand of existing day-to-day is pulling you under?

Do you long for more excitement, interactions and activities, but can't find the energy to pursue them?

Register for the upcoming Free RECONNECT workshop to:

* Clarify the cost of who and what you gave up to make it through

* Choose to re-engage with specific people and activities you miss
* Chart a new path to thriving, by taking back what matters to you

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    Register for workshop

    In this 90-minute FREE RECONNECT Workshop, on May 19th from 6-7:30 pm EST, you will prioritize the connections and activities you gave up. You will take the 1st step back.

    Check email

    Check your email to confirm details about the workshop. The replay will be sent out to anyone who is registered within 72 hours.

    Prepare yourself

    To get ready for your RECONNECT Workshop, consider 1) what you miss right now and 2) what more you desire to have in your life.