Get 3 Essential Strategies to Reclaim Your Resilience After a Transition or Loss

Stress can cause us to contract, lose confidence, become more risk averse and miss opportunities. This free gift is an easy map on how to integrate painful experiences and expand back into living fully again.

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Any transition or loss disrupts lives, inviting a reassessment of what matters to us, reframing priorities, and how we leverage our networks.

My definition: "Loss" is the death of a future imagined or co-created which will now never come to pass.

RE-ENGAGE: The first strategy is to re-engage. Contracting is not a problem unless we lack a plan to integrate and expand our boundaries proactively.

REINVENT: The second strategy is to reinvent. There's no going back to before I lost my husband to cancer because I am no longer that same person. Perhaps you have had experiences which have changed you too.

There are lots of massive, heartbreaking disruptions right now, such as record unemployment, the coronavirus pandemic, social justice protests, wildfires; financial fears and the election. Be gentle with yourself. You are not alone.

REBUILD: The third strategy is to rebuild. My grief was so overwhelming that some of the people I counted on in my networks left because they couldn't deal with me. This happens with EVERY transition or loss. It's important to rebuild based on current priorities instead of trying to follow a path you may no longer care for.

Get 3 Strategies to Reclaim Your Resilience After a Transition or Loss


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