Get 3 Strategies to Face Breakdowns and Plug Gaps After a Loss

Stress from loss can cause us to lose confidence, become risk averse and miss opportunities. This free gift is an easy way to integrate painful experiences and expand back into living fully again.

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Any loss disrupts lives, inviting a reassessment of what matters to us, reframing priorities, and how we leverage our networks.

My definition: "Loss" is the death of a future imagined or co-created which will now never come to pass.

RE-ENGAGE: The first strategy is to re-engage and expand your boundaries, which tend to contract after a loss.

REINVENT: The second strategy is to reinvent. Any loss changes you, your priorities and your vision of the future.

REBUILD: The third strategy is to rebuild. Networks develop holes, especially after a loss, which can be reframed into leveraged resources.

Build Nets You Don't Have to Mend: Face Breakdowns and Plug Gaps


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